About us

About Us

We are the people, the heart and the soul of the Ganga Darshan, the leading urban guest house in the historic center of Varanasi. Our job, every day, is to exceed your expectations and make sure we transform your stay with us in an unforgettable experience.

Ganga Darshan

Varanasi is known to be one of the oldest blooming cities across the world & lots of devotees regularly pilgrimage. Inspired by its rich cultural and Historical significance we has decided to provide exclusive facility for devotees to stay, by stepping up we are here with our hotel "Ganga Darshan". The city has been the focus of Historians, culturally and pilgrimage inclined population but it all set to become the heart of the Devotees.

Ganga Darshan is all set to provide our guests outstanding services and experiences in our guest house and comfortable residence in Varanasi. We value your faith in us in delivering you a superior level of services. Varanasi is fully-fledged religious city. It's process shall include in it's ambit all the infrastructure- our guest house Ganga Darshan. Aim to provide comfortable service to devotees for restful stay in your Varanasi pilgrimage.

With an aim to assist you with it's ambitious service, we have launched our online booking system for "Ganga Darshan Guest House" at "http://www.gangadarshanam.com" In view of the innumerous work that has been undertaken to achieve the aim, coordination plays an important role in the arena. We endeavor to provide a unique platform to aid this commendable visit that has become the face of Varanasi.